Inward Fear

by Archery Guild

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Limited run of 65
Split cassette with BLUNT CHUNKS


released June 23, 2015

Recorded in The Oven at CJLO Studios
Mixed by Michael Cota and Marshall Vaillancourt
Revised mixing by Patrick McDowall
Mastered by Marshall Vaillancourt

Michael Cota - vocals, JP8000, bass, drum programming, harpsichord
Marshall Vaillancourt - drums
Mariah Andrews - vocals, bass, Alpha Juno 1
James Player - guitar, jokes
Huei Lin - alto saxophone, JP8000



all rights reserved


Archery Guild Montreal, Québec

The current lineup consists of Michael Cota, Marshall Vaillancourt, Mariah Andrews and James Player.

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Track Name: Progeny
Look around no stone unturned
Keep an open mind and burn
Thoughts so tender keep them in
I'm the lantern, you're brightness

Yes the sea may claim our dreams
It won't emasculate me
I have done so on my own
Spirit matron made a home

What's a life without regret?
Laze in nonequivalence
Celebrate disparity
Twixt the gaps weave amity

With our skin beside the flame
We will catch and burn the same
Rise to skies and fall as rain
Without tongues to cast a blame

Aincent Clan come comfort me
Will I love my Progeny
For the line of men gone by
Have no sense of charity

Screaming child = silent dog
water still beneath the fog
Nearing lights upon highway
Blaring with the breaking day

Cradle lost ones by the side
Learn about the White Riptide
See the mass and hopeless wish
Could like minds come conquer this
barren view and faulty claim
Are the mercenary saved?
Or instead shall we knock down
underhanded citadels?
Track Name: Brotherhood
One day
the gates closed
to harmony
and brotherhood is wearing out
come away
falling out is never easy
but life always [ ]
seems to find a way
be here
or [ ]
leave here
what's left to say
no more insistent games
the ringing clamour
comes right back
in spite of all the silent facts
gritty eyes go far
soon [ ]
all [ ]
they will see are scars
Track Name: Deep Eclipse
before the road there was a stone
that grew each day until there were
shadows across the homes now lost
in dark no sun no choice hold on
stranger neighbour no difference
depend upon the hand of man

recognize a voice
but its fading in the deep eclipse

how will it know that it is being pursued
the sound that can only come out in the night
watch as the stone begins to float

LIGHT wraps around the mass
that living believed would destroy all without mercy
the darkness has ulterior motives
the voice again repeats
a name that has been uttered in the lapse of memory
it's calling harder yet f u r t h e r away

abstraction pierces through as day brushes in beams upon skin
and yet again in blinding rays from son

surely this must be a dream but it is for no one to see
and impossible to hear
it is the face of inward fear.