by Archery Guild

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Recorded in "The Oven" at CJLO Studios
Engineered by Miguel Marcil-Pitre, Marshall Vaillancourt and Michael Cota
Mixed by Archery Guild and Miguel Marcil-Pitre
Mastered by Marshall Vaillancourt


released January 7, 2014

Archery Guild is:

Michael Cota - vocals, guitar
Marshall Vaillancourt - drums
Tristan Giardini - bass, MPC
Casimir Kaplan - guitar
Ian Gibbons - cello
Mariah Andrews - trumpet, synthesizer, vibraphone, vocals
Huei Lin - saxophone, synthesizer


Michelle Bensimon - vocals
Kevin Kozo - piano

Cover art by David Kleiser



all rights reserved


Archery Guild Montreal, Québec

The current lineup consists of Michael Cota, Marshall Vaillancourt, Mariah Andrews and James Player.

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Track Name: Savage Youth
Quiet minds and quiet thoughts 
have fallen under the feet of hunger
Take my daughter, steal her face
Put a monster in her place

Marching forward while we sleep
Decapitate us oh so secretly
Burn us with no ceremony
Send off to eternal glory

Savage Youth is for no other
Marks of glory have no honour
Victory is not as she was
Does she wish to be forgot?

There are markings in the tree
I often see them in my dreams
I wake up, they've punished me
Seven years of horrid silence
Track Name: Doubting The Seer
You can't stand up to the beat unless you want some
Like the days of our youth beside the drum
I saw her there on the hill above the river
But they cannot trust the ice that rests below her

Our tongues are relative territories spoken
Although the seer says soon we will be broken
And the red from my stomach started turning
Because I doubted her wisdom, now I'm certain

I have been descending into mythology
And the future has masked you and me
Upon return to the night of my birth
There was a moon that pulled away from the earth
Track Name: Underground
She filled my mind with her words
And told me that long, long ago
The difference between forgiveness and understanding this intrusion
is meaning to give up what you know

I remember planting the seed
But where is uncertain as of now
It could have not been me
But no one else was waiting
So I went underground

My hands broke through to the air
Small stones fell out of my eyes
Although I had crawled under the river
To the hill I stood surprised

This hill is an island so bare
She spoke, and yet she was not there
My guidance was left to the same moon
So I follow with my back to what I'd known
Track Name: Blood Comfort
Where did she go, out of my hands
Broken windows, feet covered in glass
Dream as I sleep, feeling her near
Blood comforts me now though my bones shake in fear

Cleansed and purified, or was it a lie
The mother of all creations behind me
The village is gone, our island has sunk
The courage of all my men walk beside me

I broke down in tears when I opened her gift
A letter from home, our last visit
Now baby's in chains and needs to stay lit
To walk on is now the only way she will live

She will live

It was told when first I see this flight
The heartbeat of the night
Will pulse inside the water
And where the bird may rest
Is where I then must go
The seer told me so
As the ice begins to melt
I must jump upon her back
Her beak has pierced the stone
And took me to her home
A place above the wolves
That wonder if the sun
Will give them one more day
To help me on my way
And find my stolen daughter

She will live
Track Name: Invisible
Off in the distance 
A village still standing
There are no graves
No sullen bodies around here

Everyone laughing, singing and drinking
The attack of their tribe was overpassed by the god of new language

The invisible, teach me to be invisible

He asked me if I had been with a man before
I told him I'd thought about it, but no sir
He answered my question before I finished in time
They key to surviving invulnerable invasion is acting on your mind

Invisible, then you'll be invisible
Track Name: Meadow
His arm was still around me
When I had seen the vision
A darkened meadow burning
And thieves live under her skin 

Her helpless soul is only
A whirl of leaves in the wind
Her tongue has been cut out and 
Replaced with lies of demons

Unsure if truth had been told
The only way to find out
Is accept the creator
And let her speak through my mouth

And lead us into sorrow
So we may find our joy
Directed to the meadow
I saw the sacrifice

Mother Creator do not
allow this god to turn her
He feeds upon her youth as
The wolves upon a hunter

Without her own defences
How will she learn to run
Mother he lies yet again
And she believes his love for her

The guiding light did not know
as wolf and osprey followed
I was left with no leader
Between the stars and blue sky

She wrapped me in possession
My body lifted oh so high
The lies began to cut me
and yet i did not cry

I spoke to her so gently
of when I held her as a child
and asked if she remembered,
if I could see her smile

My body fell to the ground
Unseen to her commander, though
I felt her sigh and tremble
"The sacrifice has failed!"

Mother Creator do not
allow this god to turn her
He feeds upon her youth as
The wolves upon a hunter

Without her own defences
How will she learn to run
Mother he lies yet again
And she believes his love for her
is strange but pure and complex
as if we can't comprehend

Mother Creator
Track Name: The New Flesh
Flying down as we begin to shed the mystery
And the island surfaced through the antipode
Darkness threw itself in hiding
Once again I was alone

Waiting in a place that had begun to change its form
There was something that I knew from long ago
It was the shadow of the wind that only we could see

Guided to the trees there was a whisper in my ear
And uncertainty had settled yet again
I understood the wisdom of the seer
when she held my hand

My body as I know it is dead
To complete me, you must defeat me
My body as I know it is dead
I was a young boy and now I'm neither woman nor man

Once I gave up all my pride I tired to bring her back 
into my life but how will she ever know?
The people that we are today are not the same as seven years ago

The country of our tribe has been hidden
and this time the spirits of my men are terrified
So I cut two stripes around my leg
for fear and love combined

The violet blood ran one direction to my home I knew
and the other way a home I'd never been
Every step taken then was in honour of the new flesh
Track Name: Antipode
It is hard to admit to myself
I may see her again
She will never know or recognize
The form I am in

Dear God of New Language,
Do you know us well enough to admit
I will never let you live
and the wolves will eat your skin

As the ghosts licked my wounds
They grew a physical form
Unlike one I had known
The path transformed
And she was near
The antipode
Track Name: Cold Trail
Walking on a cold trail
listening for anybody's heart beat
I want to scream, but I speak with the dead

I used to feel your breath on my neck
Now the wind's so solemn
How is it going to end?

Though you feel near, my words have been wasted
The shadows here can see my fate ahead
Our light is spent, a new day coming in
Though you feel near, my words have been wasted

Every night I dream I see you but I don't know where you've been
Every day I wake some more new language sinks in
Oh no, how could I feel an empathy so dark?
But is she where we all belong after all?